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High performance multi purpose water sports boat for all the generations in the family

Designed in australia – built in australia
gilflite quality guaranteed!

Crossfire  Bowrider

Crossfire Bowrider – Inboard – Outboard – Sterndrive hull

This multi- purpose water sports boat is designed to suit three generations of family boating

The GILFLITE Crossfire offers performance of every level

The traditional water skier, the wake boarder and the young beginners will all enjoy the quality, comfort and performance of the GILFLITE Crossfire. The Crossfire is big enough for the whole family yet light enough to tow behind a standard sedan type vehicle and store in a standard size garage. The Crossfire is an extremely easy boat to drive whether towing a skier or wakeboarder, turning hard to the left or right or driving over rough choppy water, the ride and handling characteristics are not compromised.

Skiing behind the Crossfire is a great experience. The wake shape and size is ideal for beginners through to the more demanding skier due to the wake being consistent no matter what the rope length with very little spray from the rear of the hull. The Crossfire holds speed and direction extremely well so you will not feel the boat being pulled around at all even with a strong skier on the end of the rope.

Slowing the Crossfire changes the wake from a real nice skiing wake to a beautiful boarding wake that has a nice ramp, which is progressive and consistent allowing a smooth ride into the wake and a great kick off it. Hooking the rope up to the ski tower sets the boarder up for some BIG air that will be mastered in no time. – Wakeboarders that demand a larger wake will not be disappointed behind the Crossfire.

The wake table or the flat bit in the middle is the wide flat part of the wake where you can do surface tricks. This is where all the beginners start, it offers a safe playground to get the feel of it all.

The Crossfire will satisfy all the demands of a diverse family of skiers and boarders and boat enthusiasts.

GILFLITE Quality Guaranteed
  • Length 6.2 metres
  • Width 2.23 metres
  • 18 degree Vee Multi Strakes, Quick Plane Chines
  • Easily Seats 8 people
  • Walk thru windscreen into bow of boat.
  • Plenty of storage room
Standard Features and Equipment include
  • Customised Graphics Decals & Logo’s
  • Colour Scheme – Gelcoat x 2 Colour
  • Drivers Seat with adjustable height and length travel
  • Rear Ski Tow
  • Rear Grab Handles
  • Bow Handle
  • Barefoot Training Bar – Gilflite Style
  • Bimini
  • Centre Ski Pole
  • Four speaker sound system
  • Telescopic Sky Pole – doubles as a Centre Ski Pole
  • Rear Vision Mirror
  • Wake Tower
  • Full Boat Cover and Side Skirts
  • Bow Cover
  • Hand Throttle
  • Mercruiser 315 hp EFI 330hp Scorpion 340hp black scorpion


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