Released: in 1992

The Freedom was the NEW BOAT PROJECT at GILFLITE in 1991

                   and the memo handed out to the Gilflite Team read as follows;

MEMO: To Design Team – Wed sept. 5th ‘90

SUBJECT: New Boat Project ‘91

  • Product Performance & Quality is EVERYTHING!!
  • People must LOVE using this boat
  • This project is to be approached not as a problem to be solved but as a challenge to be met!
  • We must design & produce the best boat of its type for both Australian & Export markets
  • Styling: To be Quantum Leap Forward!! Clean – New – Fresh – Exciting – Original – Modern – with no unnecessary lines or shapes inside or outside
  • Top Priorities: Armour plate Glass Windscreen – Modular Build Capabilities – Fixed Deck / Bowrider / Sterndrive / Outboard!
  • Interior: Comfortable / Durable / Inviting (and I can’t make out the handwriting on this part of the original memo) but the rest of it reads something like this….
  • Smooth ride – Handles well in choppy waters – Excellent Tournament & Std Ski wake suitable for Slalom, Trick, Jump, Barefoot, Knee-boarders and fun for beginners.
  • Drivers Seat: Fully adjustable for Height & Leg variables.
  • Design to give maximum consideration to visibility.


  • Length: 6.0m (19’8”)
  • Beam: 2.23m (7’4”)
  • Finish: – All exterior surfaces – Abrasion resistant N.P.G. isothalic / orthothalic Gelcoat.
  • Construction: Multi Layer Chopped Strand Mat over sealed timber sub floor assembly – Coremat stiffening with additional hand laid rovings in all high load & impact areas.
  • Variations: Fixed Deck – Bow Rider – Fishing Utility – Pleasure
  • Power: Outboard to 225 hp – Sterndrive to 280 hp
  • To suit single axle trailer

FREEDOM GALLERY: photo’s taken at time of manufacture

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