In 1986/87 David Gill designed and developed a totally new tournament type runabout built to very fine tolerances and using a minimum of pre-assembled parts, this boat won the Australian Boat of the Year award (trailer-able, fibreglass, under 8mtr)
Released: 1987 – The GILFLITE Integra – Australian Water Ski Association approved Tournament ski boat and winner of The Australian Boat of the year (best design and performance). Designed by David Gill, manufactured by GILFLITE Boats.
1988 – The GILFLITE Integra A.W.A.S. approved tournament ski boat.
The Integra won 1988 Australian Boating Industry Assoc. award and the Vic boat of the Year. It was the first inboard boat of its type to win the award. (The rules were changed to include the boat type). The Integra was the first ski boat of it’s type considered adequate and able to meet all requirements for it’s class to win the ABIA (Australian Boating Industry Association) Boat of the year award.
Designer: David Gill – owner GILFLITE Boats