Javelin Mk I, Mk II, Mk III

The GILFLITE Javelin 

the following information is supplied from original spec sheets & advertising  –  circa 1970’s


Australia’s newest and most advanced inboard ski boat (released: 1970)


With a Hull designed by David Gill, widely acknowledged as Australia’s foremost authority on high speed clinker design and an instantly appealing deck and cockpit from today’s most forward looking stylists, GILFLITE Boats now offer their 5 metre ‘Javelin’ for unmatched prestige, proven performance, superior handling and comfort that make it the ideal boat for family fun or competition racing, or for the enthusiast who likes to bare foot or fly a kite.

JAVELIN Mk I –  5 Metre hull the GILFLITE ‘JAVELIN’ (Mk I released: circa 1970). Australia’s newest and most advanced inboard ski boat – For styling & performance – incorporating proven design features developed from a background of racing successes unsurpassed by any other boat builder in this country. 

Javelin Mk I (original GILFLITE factory)

Javelin (Mk I) – Specifications

  • Length Overall:  16’8” (5 metres)
  • Beam Overall:     6’4” (1.9 metres)
  • Depth:    32”
  • Speed with 308 V8 Engine:   In excess of 50 M.P.H.
  • Fuel Tank Capacity:   15 Gallons
  • Engine Capacity:   350 Cub. Ins.
  • Weight – Ready for Engine:    approximately 700 LBS (for current weight of boat take boat to official weight bridge)
  • Rear mount and centre mount option 


JAVELIN Mk II – Length: 5.3m Beam 2m. Bred from an unequaled background of race-winning and high performance hulls the GILFLITE JAVELIN Mk II offers all that could be desired in a distinctively styled, safe & superior handling ski boat. Thoroughly tested on the tough proving ground of the race circuit. (The Mk II released: circa 1973).


Javelin Mk II – Specifications

  • Released:                         1973
  • Length Overall:             17’3″ (5.3m)
  • Beam Overall:                6’7″ (2m)
  • Maximum Depth:          .77m (33”)
  • Seating:                             6 Adults
  • Fuel tank capacity:       68 litres (15 Gals)
  • Engine Options:             ¨308 c.in. Holden – 351 c.in. Ford
  • Drive Systems: Ski Clutch or Borg Warner Forward/Neutral/Reverse
  • Approximate Top Speed: 308 Holden 80–87 kph,  351 Ford 95–100kph
  • Rear Engine & Centre mount option

Standard Features: Full wrap around rear seat, Upholstered side ski pockets, High strength wrap around windscreen, Leather bound stainless steering wheel, Tachometer, Volt-metre, Speedo, Temperature Gauge, Oil pressure gauge, Hour meter, Ignition switch and tell tale light, Instruments set in recessed panel, Stainless steel fuel tank, Fully adjustable heavy anodised aluminium cavitation plate, Stainless steel exhaust pipes, Exhaust outlet flaps, Ski pole, Single lever clutch control, bow eye, Bow & Stern Grab handles, Glove box, Padded dash panel top.

Rear Engine Options: For the enthusiast who wants maximum manoeuvrability and speed the rear engine Javelin Mk II has a sleek rear engine hatch that complements the interior with the same advanced features of the mid-engine arrangements. The front passenger seat swivels to face rear for observing skiers. The drivers seat has 5 positions for individual adjustment. Two stainless steel fuel tanks alongside the engine can hold 90 litres (20 gals)

Comments: Bred from an unequalled background of race winning and high performance hulls the GILFLITE Javelin Mk II offers all that could be desired in a distinctively styled superior handling ski boat, thoroughly tested on the tough proving ground of the race circuit.

Note: difference between Mk I & Mk II (noticeable differences) – the nose on the Mk II is more slanted where the gunnel meets the deck – the Mk I has a sharper rise. Only the Mk I had the original GILFLITE stickers.  The engine box is also different as well as the dash.  This is all according to David anyway, I have asked him to specifically write this down. However, he prefers to make these spec lectures when I am in the middle of something else.  Oh and the Mk II is clearly longer as well.  Hopefully more info on it’s way !!


JAVELIN Mk III –  5.3m Clinker sided Vee Bottom family ski boat. Available as rear engine or centre drive. Features outstanding handling capabilities – softer ride, elimination of roll during sharp turning and smooth wake. An excellent ski boat for learners, slalom, bare footer and trick skiers alike. Available in stages 2 & 3. (Mk III released 1977).


Javelin Mk III – Specifications

5.3 metre clinker sided vee bottom 

  • Released:               1977 (released at the 1977 Melbourne Boat Show)
  • Length Overall:   3m (17’3”)
  • Beam Overall:      2m (6’7”)
  • Seating:                  6 Adults (Bench seat)
  • Fuel Tank Capacity:    75 litres (16.4 gal)
  • Engine Options:           308 Holden 80-87 k.p.h.
  • With approx.. top speed: 351 Ford 95-100 k.p.h.
  • Drive Systems:             New exclusive GILFLITE Soft Clutch or standard dog clutch
  • Deadrise:                         10’
  • Rear Engine and Centre mount options
  • (wider chine than Mk II)

From racing boats to runabouts and timber hulls to fibreglass. The Javelin was an early model ski boat designed and built by GILFLITE during the 1970’s. The GILFLITE JAVELIN by appointment….

FEATURING: the GILFLITE JAVELIN (the following  album presents original info & pics as featured in advertising, media promotion & media write ups during the release of the Javelin during the 1970’s).

Article on Turbo  ‘GILFLITE Javelin Mk III’ – circa 1978

Looks like a stock boat, until you try to pass it!

If you own a GILFLITE Javelin, you can be assured that you own a hull designed by one of the most experienced and expert Australian boat designers (boat builder) with world class knowledge.  Indeed, the GILFLITE Javelin is a hull that is both sort after and highly respected in Australian ski boat history.  The Javelin is an investment that has now come into it’s own as a true Australian classic ski boat, it’s unique design is the forerunner for similar hulls of it’s era.  

GILFLITE a style of life

Album below: Mk II Javelin – 1975 build (current photo’s of boat circa 2020 )

Note: The Javelin Mk I has a straighter windscreen and less slope between the deck toward the gunnel between the deck and the hull. Whereas the Javelin Mk II has a more sloped windscreen and a slope toward the gunnel between the deck and the hull