GILFLITE Maintenance & Upgrade

GILFLITE Maintenance and Upgrade Work


Expert advice by the very best in the business with over 50 years experience in the marine industry, your pride & joy is in the hands of renowned excellence at GILFLITE. 

Re-manufacturing the classics!

Work completed on all boat makes and models

GILFLITE Quality Guaranteed!

All work is itemised and quoted before proceeding, insurance quotes, condition reports and boat valuations provided. An in-depth discussion with the boat owner along with information and options will be provided to the customer prior to commencement.  Open communication through out the process of the job will be maintained to ensure the customer is satisfied with the professional and high quality work completed on their boat.  Throughout the duration of the job your boat is kept in a secure location.
We treat your boat like it’s our own!

Maintenance & Upgrade work includes;

  • Replace internal structure: bearers ect.
  • New Upholstery – custom design/Gilflite style or vinyl repairs to interior
  • Seat frames restored
  • Bearers replaced
  • New carpet – complete re carpet, marine uv stabilised heavy duty carpet
  • Gelcoat & Fibreglass Restoration
  • Repair gouges, scuff marks, scratches, chips etc.,
  • Gelcoat wear panel under bow.
  • Remove mud stains (acid wash)
  • Cut & Polish hull & deck
  • Gunnel rubber replaced
  • Upgrade Steering Wheel
  • Gauges (GPS speedo – accurate to within 1 MPH)
  • Fit aftermarket cav plate
  • Fit crossover exhaust system assembly 
  • Replace skeg bush, shaft log seals, prop shaft etc.
  • Repair or replace prop, rudder, fin etc. (all underwater hardware)
  • Fit boarding platform or upgrade
  • Supply and fit original GILFLITE designed new windscreens
  • Supply & fit wake tower (re- inforce deck if necessary)
  • Fit high pole (with adjustable training bar)
  • Custom fit boat cover, stone guard/Bra & Bimini
  • Supply & Fit stereo system
  • Custom Graphics, Update logo’s
  • All accessories supplied and fitted: GILFLITE Gear – Guide Pole covers, mud flaps, rear view mirror, nav lights, etc.
  • Trailer upgrade, repairs to existing trailer 
  • New Trailer

Complete boat valuation provided after work is complete.

Give us a call to book your boat in for a fully itemised quotation and expert advise

GILFLITE – tel: 03 9720 1812

These GILFLITE Boats in the following photo gallery’s  are aged between 20 to 45 + years old! With the GILFLITE Maintenance & Upgrade Work Complete they will be good for another 25 + years! GILFLITE Quality Guaranteed!

Invest in your your favourite sport and give your boat another lifetime!

Below: Complete re-manufacture of this GILFLITE Laser ‘Riverrat’ from paddock bomb to showboat, and now the Bartram family hierloom.


Below: GILFLITE Javelin Mk III Complete boat restoration – before and after shots

The Austin family heirloom
GILFLITE Javelin Mk III – built in December 1978, originally used as David Gill’s family ski boat for the summer of 78/79.
Purchased by the Austin’s the following year, it’s been in the family ever since.
Recently the boat came back to GILFLITE where it was gutted and completely restored from the bottom up.
Work on the boat includes; replace interior construction, bearers, floors etc., gelcoat restoration, replace centre floor panels, gunnel replaced, re-carpet interior, re-chrome fittings, supply & fit new gauges, stereo & rear view mirror, make good existing steering system, replace soft clutch unit, replace engine mounts, replace prop shaft, clean up upholstery & boat cover, replace windscreen, new Easytow tandem trailer.
40 years since original production, this Javelin left the GILFLITE factory in as new condition, ready for another 40 years of family boating.

Below: GILFLITE Shortline 190 built 1992, Maintenance & Upgrade work – new upholstery/full cut & polish/new graphics

This Shortline 190 was originally purpose built as a Tournament Ski Boat. Over 25 years later (2017) it’s current owner brought the boat back to us for a custom GILFLITE maintenance & upgrade. Work completed includes; new GLF designed custom interior/upholstery, one of the twin tournament speedos replaced with GPS 0 – 60 mph unit (accurate to 0.1mph), damaged rudder replaced, gelcoat/metalflake restored, logo & graphics upgrade, ingrained mud stains removed, cut & polish – hull & deck, boarding platform upgrade/replace non slip rubber with marine grade carpet, GILFLITE Guide Pole covers fitted.

Below: GILFLITE Spitfire Mk I – maintenance and upgrade work completed includes trailer restoration 
Trailer accessories : GILFLITE guide pole covers and GILFLITE mud flaps

Below: GILFLITE Javelin ‘HEIRLOOM BOAT’ (built 1972)

GILFLITE Maintenance & Upgrade work includes;
new seat frames, side combings, bearers, carpet, upholstery and graphics.

This Javelin has been in the family since new (built in 1972 this Javelin is 46 years old  and has skied with four generations of the Oaks family. ‘Chippewa’ is now a family heirloom and should be good for another 40 odd years!

GILFLITE Quality Guaranteed!

Below: GILFLITE Integra ‘HEIRLOOM BOAT’ Build 1988 – complete re-build 2019

GILFLITE Maintenance, Upgrade and Repair work includes; Gelcoat repairs and restoration, Replace Gunnel, Replace Windscreen, Re Carpet interior and boarding platform, Replace rear centre floor panel, Replace ski poles, Supply & fit 2 piece collapsible high pole with twin straps and pop up deck cleats, Engine: detail, fully service replace hoses, rubbers, mounts etc, Fit new prop shaft, split coupling, Riverat four blade prop, recondition skegg, gland seals, exhaust rubbers, manifold gaskets, drain bungs, ect., Interior: Supply & fit Sports steering wheel, Replace all gauges: Fit G.P.S. Speedo, tacho, water temp & sender, fuel gauge & sender, hour meter, volt meter, Interior Trim: remove all trim from boat, strip seat frames & make good timbers, detail f/glass, Re Upholster complete interior with GILFLITE custom design, Supply & fit Bimini with quick released, Full length boat cover, Graphics: Replace logo’s and Reg No’s, Trailer; New Easytow tandem trailer, Provide inboard insurance report and New Boat Valuation.

Below: Spitfire Mk III Heirloom Boat ready for another 30 good years – GILFLITE Maintenance & Upgrade work completed includes; acid wash, remove old decals & name/graphics, gelcoat restoration, cut/polish hull & deck, apply gelcoat wear strip on bow, replace internal structure, re-carpet, custom trim/upholstery, custom graphics, remove/reinstall engine, service parts, repairs/replacements to running gear, crossover exhaust system assembly, 4 blade prop, full length boat cover

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GILFLITE Heirloom Boats from one generation to the next ….

GILFLITE a style of life!