Marine Upholstery

When it comes to refining your boat, the interior is what makes you feel good. Comfort is a necessity and quality is everything! Our designs are timeless.

GILFLITE designed with a unique edge to suit your boat.

It’s all in the detail, the fine workmanship and the perfect finish.

  • Quality: Our upholstery is of the highest marine grade quality
  • New Custom Designed Upholstery: to suit your style with a timeless finish
  • Re trims: all seating and interior components are removed, thoroughly inspected for deterioration, prepared and if necessary restored before retrim
  • Upholstery restoration: thorough cleaning and detailing to bring out the best in existing upholstery
  • Repairs: Knicks & tears easily repaired

Quality, Comfort and Style



Spitfire Mk III Re-trim

Laser Re-Trim

Javelin Re-Trim

SHORTLINE New Upholstery – current style

GILFLITE a style of Life!