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1971 – E.C. GRIFFITH CUP – Australian Motorboat Championship Unlimited.
The Worlds most spectacular sport

It began way back in 1910, unlimited powerboat racing was in those days a sport for the wealthy or apparently wealthy few, and their mighty motors thundered a chorus that could be heard for miles as the message was bellowed out that the greatest single event in Australian motor sport was here. They were real racing men in those days and boats were not treated with kid gloves. To race your boat back in the Golden Years of the Griffith Cup you had to drive it to and from the race meeting. Often the only navigation lights were the flames from the red hot open exhausts, but they were the pioneers of Australian boat racing; they laid a foundation for the coming generations. 

Easter Sunday – 11th April 1971
Event No. 4: Boat Name: Miss-Chif, Driver: WallyCooper, Hull: David Gill, Club: VSBC
Main Race: Boat Name: Vulture, Driver: John Lewis, Hull: David Gill, Club: VSBC

*These were the early days of what was to become GILFLITE!

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