22nd April 2020

GILFLITE Trademark

Our aim is to protect the integrity of the brand ‘GILFLITE’ to ensure the GILFLITE Quality Guarantee! With respect for the trust that our customers invest into our products and service we would like to clarify the following;

We support the interaction of the GILFLITE owners (and all boat owners) on our social media platforms. However, to avoid confusing unauthorised product endorsement by GILFLITE, we request that advertising and promotion of other marine business under the banner of GILFLITE without prior arrangement be abstained. (Please do not advertise under the name of GILFLITE without first requesting permission).

We encourage communication of your vast knowledge and experience with boats on all levels and most of all the  freedom to express  ideas and opinions during discussions on our social media platforms but bear in mind some people have more experience than others so please be respectful to each other and the GILFLITE brand. We ask that you refrain from negativity, false/misleading allegations, and or bullying.

Note: We appreciate and encourage the valuable sharing of information and the immense collective knowledge (including opinions and experience) on the GILFLITE product. However, at this stage, we have not authenticated any participant on social media or individual in the marketplace to be an authority on the GILFLITE product, if in doubt please contact the manufacturer.

On the rare occasion a social media post may be deleted, or a member temporarily banned or tagged with ‘pre-approval of a post’, please be assured that the reason is only for breach of the above request. Let’s keep a good vibe going around GILFLITE! And if you are not happy with something let us know. 

GILFLITE is a registered trademark under the Australian Intellectual Property Law act.

Happy and Safe Boating!