VULTURE – Part II ‘The Build’

VULTURE PART II – ‘The Build’ – By Bindy Lewis (an extract from a 1970 publication)
VULTURE HULL – boat builder/design & modifications: David Gill (GILFLITE)
VULTURE – owner/driver: John Lewis

Construction began in, Dave’s Croydon boathouse early in 1969. Original plans called for the engine to sit right aft against the tuck. The boat had to be able to handle any water and be stable. After observing the movements of other rear-engine’d boats and thinking of the undesirable kiting of these boats, the 283 cubic inch Chevvey was moved forward about 18 inches with the result that the boat was better balanced and had a seven-degree shaft angle. A small seat was fitted aft of the engine to allow a daredevil passenger to suffer during championships. Early trials resulted in the usual collection of broken quadrants and shafts, but the boat settled down well.

At the Victorian championships at Learmonth ‘last year’, Vulture showed up well by leading the way around the first lap nearly evertime. Unfortunately, the throttle cable played up all day and at times John had to steer with his right hand while working the injection with the other.

Extract: Andrews, G., 1970, ‘Whos Who in the Pits’, Power Boat & Yachting, May, p. 49