Bonnie Doon Bridge

Under the Bonnie Doon Bridge – ‘we bow’ – in our GILFLITE Spitfire

Check out this cool shot! – photo circa early 90’s – Taken on one of our late afternoon / early evening jaunts up to Bonnie Doon for a sneaky after-work ski. During the week (and on a school night:), always confident we’d find glassy water. The boat was hooked up and ready to go! We’d hit the road, ignoring the speed limit, windows down, music loud & wind in our faces. The doon at noon was perfect, we had the whole lake to ourselves. Back in the dayz when not only was there deep water under the prominent Bonnie Doon bridge but we’d almost have to bow our head as we drove the boat across the sacred water and underneath that well engineered bridge. We’d usually arrive back in Melbourne around 10pm ready for bed and work the next day. “Life was great with this Spitfire”

story by: Gill Girl Media ‘6 Sisters’