Presents the 5th annual S.A. ‘Ol Skool Ski Boat Run

Renmark to Woolshed Brewery

February 18th and 19th 2023

We are the Original and in our mind the best

Article and picture gallery by Darren Collins – SA Ol’Skool Ski Boat Social Club

Renmark to Woolshed Brewery

Around 8 years ago we organised a small Ol’ Skool Camero ski boat run from Walker Flat to Swan Reach pub, at the time and to the best of my knowledge no one was doing anything like this back then. That first ‘ol skool ski boat run’ raised a lot of interest and we then started doing runs for all makes of Ol Skool Ski boats. At that stage the runs were all from Walker Flat to Swan Reach. However, in 2018 we visited the Woolshed Brewery and thought it would be a great place to take a run too. 

By Feb 2019 we had a few trophies made up for a ‘Show n Shine’ along with some prizes that were kindly donated by local companies,.

Eleven boats made the first run up, with twenty seven (27) boats joining us in 2020 and in 2021 – sixty six (66) ‘ol skool ski boats were registered for the run but unfortunately the Victorian (covid) lockdowns took sixteen boats out so fifty one (51) boats went on the run, making it a truly fantastic run with an awesome selection of ‘ol skool ski boats admired by all and a great weekend was had. Friendship’s were made and boating stories were shared…

This year 72 boats made the journey up with over 200 people and this was the first year of the Giant Raffle.

Next years 2023 run already has 75 boats registered and our goal is to reach 100.

We are the Original and in our mind the best.

Runs are popping up all over the country now and we are working with some of the guys who attend from VSBC to get a run in Vic somewhere next year all being well.

Looking after the kids

Last year we wanted to give something back and help out Riverland communities. So we held a giant raffle and raised money for the Renmark childrens centre, which paid for 6 months of swimming for little kids of underprivileged local families

We are starting to organise next year’s 2023 – SA ‘Ol Skool Ski Boat run raffle and wanted to reach out to any business interested in providing any support or offering donations for the raffle.

We share it all across our socials covering over 13,000 people now.  We have Radio and print media coverage from the local media outlets and ABC & 5RM radio.

So if your interested ‘jump on board’, we’d love to hear from you …

FEBRUARY 18TH & 19TH 2023

For further info

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SA Ol’Skool Ski Boat Social Club

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