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Meet The V.S.B.C. Commodore ***** Mr. RAY PALMER *****

“Australian Power Boat Racing – the pinnacle of Motor Sport”

and read Ray’s story on how he became ‘addicted to boat racing’ ……..

Introducing the Victorian Speed Boat Club Commodore Mr Ray Palmer. As far as Ray is concerned, (and I will quote the V.S.B.C. Commodore here), “Australian Power Boat Racing is the pinnacle of Motor Sport” and I doubt anyone on this page will disagree with Ray’s statement.

***** The Commodore’s Story *****

My journey with the VSBC began in the early 1990s, when I became stranded in my campervan while

attempting to launch a boat from the lake bed at Eppalock and having to reach out for assistance. I came to meet two outstanding gentlemen who gladly helped me out at the time. Both of these gentlemen are still active life members of the VSBC club today.

With the passage of time, I became increasingly involved in motorcycles, hot rodding, and boating on the Murry River with friends. My passion for boating began in the 1980s, when a friend introduced me to boating and offered me my first drive in an inboard. Three weeks later, I was the proud owner of my first inboard Chrysler Bullet 318 ski boat.

In the year 2000, I proudly became a member of the Victorian Speed Boat Club.

During this time, Lake Eppalock was slowly running at low water level. Months had passed & the drought followed which very sadly lasted about 10 years.

I have happily spent the last two decades as a member of the main committee, where I have been continuously involved in the operation of our club. In 2016 I was appointed Vice Commodore, a position I held for two years before being elected Commodore in 2018. As Commodore, I strive to make some long-term plans. We have developed strong teams from various aspects of our club as well as being part of the Vic Australian Power Boat Association, the governing body of the great sport that we follow. I strongly encourage the club to continue hosting both speedboat racing along with our holiday grounds at Eppalock for our families and general public to enjoy for decades to come.

I am extremely proud to be a member of the Victorian Speed Boat Club and eternally grateful to my wife Joanne for her unwavering support.

To be continued……..

Ray Palmer


*** V.S.B.C. members note: With passion, sentiment and dedication, Ray has worked long hours and weekends with his professional ‘know how’ to to keep the Club strong over the past few (difficult) years. He performs his responsibilities as Commodore of the V.S.B.C. for the pure love of the sport and we as a club share a great appreciation and respect for the work our Commodore does in keeping the club successful and growing stronger than ever. Thank you!

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