The GILFLITE Freedom

From the GILFLITE Archives
Here’s a link to the GILFLITE Freedom …. a unique design by David GilL, way ahead of it’s time, manufactured by GILFLITE Boats. The Freedom was released by GILFLITE in 1992, as with all new boat designs by GILFLITES chief designer, the design of the Freedom was thoroughly researched and tested as a high performance sports boat before it hit the market. David saw the Australian boat market changing years before it actually did with the need for bigger boats to host a range of water sports activities.
When the Freedom was first introduced to the Australian market at the 1992 Melbourne Boat Show, people just didn’t know how to react. Customers were aware that GILFLITE was bringing out a new boat which was to be unveiled at the ’92 Melbourne Boat show but no-one expected anything like the design of the Freedom. It took a while for the market to catch up and realise what GILFLITE was offering. Now, 30 years later our customers and the GILFLITE members still comment on the forward thinking of the Freedom and how well the original design sits in the current day market.

The GILFLITE Freedom –