SCRUBCAT & MISCHIF both David GILL hulls

Monday 6th May 2019
In memory of Jack Long who passed away at 8pm last night aged 87.
Today we remember with great respect and admiration Mr Jack Long owner driver of racing boat ‘Scrubcat’ which today still holds the Australasian/Australian 266 side valve record. 
SCRUBCAT was the very first boat that David Gill (GILFLITE Boats) ever built when he initially went out on his own in business. (The build took place where David first rented part of a factory in Ringwood from Graeme Williamson – owner driver: Manta Ray). These were the very early days of David’s boat building career before David and Kevin Gill moved into their factory and started building GILFLITE Boats at 62 Vinter Avenue, Croydon Vic.
Before Vulture, before Hustler before anything else was SCRUBCAT built for Jack Long!
Jack Long helped David Gill get his business ‘GILFLITE’ up and running in the early days and for this as well as his courage as a racing boat driver we pay tribute. 
Rest in Peace Jack Long ‘Champion of champions’