Legend of Australian Ski Boat Hardware

This legend of Australian Ski Boat Hardware shut shop today, to enjoy Life!

Geoff Patterson is certainly an expert in the field of Australian ski boat hardware. Perfecting his art over many years Geoff eventually went out on his own and started A.S.B.H. about six years ago. Before this he worked for a couple of other marine businesses gaining knowledge and expertise in his field.

We’ve known and worked with Geoff in the boating industry for a long time. Over the years Geoff has provided GILFLITE with friendly, reliable service and precision made products.

It’s been great doing business with you Geoff, Thanks again for all your quality service and products. You’ve been an absolute champion and we’re gonna miss yu big fella!

In recognition of all your hard work, we wish you all the best of health, love and happiness on your new adventures Geoff, from the Team @ GILFLITE.

Enjoy your retirement Geoff and Keep in touch …... ‘BIG Thumbs Up’

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