GILFLITE Step Bottom Hulls

The step in the bottom of the hull reduces drag which in turn allows the boat to go faster.
The step in the bottom of the hull – cut away (approximately 460 to 500mm with variances depending on use and design), cut into the chine was a custom design/build to modify the wash. Often these boats were used for tournament skiing. The cut out enables the hull to run at speed with less wetted surface area therefore creating less drag. Less drag equals more speed. The cut out has nothing to do with the water skiing wash. Note: GILFLITE built more Spitfires than Lasers with this feature. Originally when this feature was designed into the Spitfire, the boat model was referred to as the ‘Spitfire Shortline’. The Laser was referred to as ‘The Laser Tournament Special’


Laser Step (Tournament Special)
Laser Tournament Special