Craig Stagg’s GILFLITE Javelin ‘Caprice’  

Once a race boat, now a Family Heirloom

Craig emailed me this beautiful photo the other day saying ….

“No better way to wake up”

I asked him if I could post his photo on social media ….

Craig said ….

“No problem. I love it. Probably the reason I love the river so much. Has history too which is even cooler”.

Then I asked Craig if he would like to write a short bio / or a long bio if he preferred. Call it a blurb or even a memoir, I don’t mind. We just love hearing your story and sharing it for others to enjoy….

Here’s what Craig had to say (straight from the heart)!

“Oh gee, I’m not much of a writer haha. But ill see what i can do. I am still looking for more photos of it racing & when it was the start boat at Broken Hill”

Caprice was once a race boat, racing in the 5litre class (not 100% on that). After its racing time it became the stop/start boat at Broken Hill Speedboat club, the sticker outlines are still visible on the stern of the boat. Purchased by my Grandpa Bob Hissey from Tony McIntyre in the 80s. Bob was my Mums father; he purchased the boat for recreational use on the Murray River. The boat still serves our family today, mainly me though (although it is my parent’s boat, I claim it). So lucky & grateful to have such a thing in our family.


Photo’s and words by Craig Stagg