E.C. Griffith Cup 2022

The sentiment of boat racing with the ROAR of excitement

Hosted by the Victorian Speed Boat Club in partnership with Yarrawonga Mulwala Tourism and Business (YMTB) on the beautiful banks of the Yarrawonga Foreshore – Lake Mulwala

Where else can you do this ………

From childhood somersaults to daredevil boat racing.

All in the same place at the same time!

From one generation to the next

@ The E.C. Griffith Cup

Australian Motorboat Championship Unlimited.
The Worlds most spectacular sport

“It began way back in 1910, unlimited powerboat racing was in those days a sport for the wealthy or apparently wealthy few, and their mighty motors thundered a chorus that could be heard for miles as the message was bellowed out that the greatest single event in Australian motor sport was here. They were real racing men in those days and boats were not treated with kid gloves. To race your boat back in the Golden Years of the Griffith Cup you had to drive it to and from the race meeting. Often the only navigation lights were the flames from the red hot open exhausts, but they were the pioneers of Australian boat racing; they laid a foundation for the coming generations”. 

(author of above quote t.b.a. – historical boat racing programme)

And the generations followed ….. into what has become one of the best few days of motorboat racing on the annual racing calendar. The Griffith Cup weekend has evolved into an event to be celebrated by everyone! and the proverb is simply this ….


The Griffith Cup 2022 was an action packed, fun filled and exhilarating few days of rip-roaring speed boat racing!

Here’s my take on the ‘Race worth stopping a Nation for’ … as I wandered around from one end of the pits to the other while enjoying all the live action in-between. The event was fully focussed on providing a successful race meet for the drivers/crew and their boats while accommodating in a variety of interesting and fun ways the diversity of spectators with comfortable amenities, an array of entertainment and food, and of course all with an excellent vantage point along the banks of the Yarrawonga foreshore to enjoy the thrills of competitive boat racing. The brilliantly informed and humorous commentators kept everyone informed around the circuit from one rip roaring lap to the next. Above all the V.S.B.C. ensured that their sponsors received a bigger bang for their buck than expected. As always the boat racing was exhilarating and the entire weekend satisfied all the senses, most especially my ears as the sound vibrated right through to my soul.

It was a fabulous weekend and above all, I met some of the best people ever! I was lucky enough to get a ‘back stage pass’ were I got a behind the scenes look into the total involvement and dedication that is required to execute such an amazing event yet they make it all look so easy. Boat racing seriously attracts such a great bunch of people.

A Brilliant day for everyone

and their mighty motors thundered a chorus that could be heard for miles as the message was bellowed out that the greatest single event in Australian motor sport was here …..

Boat Racing is for everyone!

Celebrating Life! “In the Fast Lane”

Celebrating Equality! Young and Old and everyone in-between

Celebrating Cultural Diversity

Celebrating Tradition with a Modern Twist!

Because everyone’s got a bit of ‘Rev Head’ in ’em!

Embracing the future, NOW!

Boat Racing is for Everyone!

The drivers, the spectators, the organizers, the sponsors and the vendors. Together we are one! Getting our thrills out of the most spectacular sport on earth!

Australian Power Boat Racing, doesn’t get much better than this!

The following pictures tell the story of an all encompassing, well organised, action packed few days, catering for everyone by the V.S.B.C.

Thrill Seekers again and again

In the pits with the drivers and crew

Junior Racing at it’s best

Junior Racing on the Thunderboat course – Celebrating equality on all facets!

As my Dad would say “that’s pretty neat isn’t it – they’ll grow up healthy” and I must say, “I do agree”, watching these awesome kids and teenagers managing their boat and crew was re-assuring to see that this generation had a ‘can do’ attitude.

Kids doing it for themselves! ‘Team Work’

Entry is FREE for EVERYONE
The underdog deserves an applause!! ‘Never Give Up’ – Interstate competitors ‘Kim & Kym B’ in Holey Smoke from S.A.

Once again the V.S.B.C. pulled off the most epic 3 days on the annual racing calendar with a well organised race meet for the drivers – boats & crew, an absolutely fabulous set up for the spectators & vendors, and the sponsors received way more than they bargained for. Everyone was catered for in the most exceptional manner. But of course, nothing beats the adrenalin pumping excitement of the racing boats in action. From the 95mph skiffs to the big Thunder Boats, if the sound alone doesn’t put a smile on your dial, then nothing will 🙂 “You gotta love it” Can’t wait for next year, from what I’ve heard, it’s gonna be bigger and better than ever!

With thanks to all involved

The E.C. Griffith Cup
Congratulations to Liam Holland and the Deperado crew for winning the 2022 Glanmire Park EC Griffith Cup.

‘Get in on the Action’ – Sponsorship is welcome, please contact the VSBC for more info ….

Sponsorship Packages Available
See you next year for the 2023 EC Griffith Cup

In memory of the boats and drivers – the pioneers who figured it out and ‘made it happen’ (the one’s who just wanted to go FASTER & WIN) and who in doing so contributed to putting GILFLITE on the map, I dedicate this article (blog)

‘Griffith Cup 2022’ – ‘We stand on the shoulders of giants”

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